December 6, 2016
Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport, Boston, MA

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Join us for a wide range of techniques, standards and processes for the CRIPSR revolution to:Establish genome editing standardsImprove in vivo modelling Discover future applications for CRISPROptimize CRISPR-Cas9 to develop personalized medicine< ...

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Introducing The New Molecular Scissors - CRISPR & Cas9

The CRISPR tool has attracted worldwide attention from the R&D industry in regards to its capabilities for gene editing. CRISPR alongside the use of the Cas9 protein enables the ability to target...

Anticipated Attendee Snap Shot

Curious to see who will be joining you at the 1st annual CRISPR - A New Era in Gene Editing summit?  Check out our anticipated attendee list to see who will potentially be joining us! 

What has CRISPR done for gene editing?

The timeline spans from 2011 and the discovery of a second RNA to recent advancements in 2016, outlining the major experiments that took place to lead CRISPR to where it is today. 

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CRISPR CAS9 Emerging Technologies

Our Pharma IQ content team put together this great informational interview about the emerging technologies that is CRISPR and CAS9. Check out all the information you need to know!

How much money will be poured in CRISPR?

The money being spent in gene editing is going straight towards CRISPR, but which big Pharma companies are spending and what are they spending their money on?  We know that millions are being poured into this dynamic research, but this infographic will tell yo ...

Bioinformatics - Data knowledge management and handling complex data sets!

We spoke to Patrick Ansems, EMEAI, Director at PerkinElmer who said "Biology is a strategic area for us as big data analytics can play an important role in unlocking insights from complex biological data.  For example, if you look at transitional science, it's all about aggregating the data together ...

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Applications of CRISPR

Scientific interest in Clustered Regularly Interspaced Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) systems exploded in 2012/2013 when focus shifted from their natural function as a component of adaptive bacterial immunity to their use as a toolkit to find, cut and replace DNA at a specific location in eukaryotes. Widely considered to be a...

The innovation race

The adaption of CRISPR/Cas9 systems as a tool kit to find, cut and replace DNA at a specific location in eukaryotes has resulted in a major breakthrough in gene editing technology, says Catherine Coombes of HGF

Opinion: How to Avoid Legal Problems in Collaborative Research

The path from the discovery of the CRISPR/Cas mechanism as part of bacteria’s adaptive immune system to the use of this pathway in the food industry and later as a breakthrough gene-editing tool is a good illustration of the power of collaboration among scientists across disciplines.

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For insight into the sponsorship opportunities available, take a look at the Sponsorship Prospectus, which includes additional information on the audience you can reach and ways to establish your company as a market leader at the 2016 CRISPR USA Summit If you prefer to receive a copy via email contact...

Specialists Gather for CRISPR Gene Editing Summit

Last year, a select collection of CRISPR Cas9 enthusiasts gathered to debate both the bright future and the flaring issues facing the technique, which has trail-blazed its way through the market...

Synthetic Biology: New Tools, New Approaches, New Thinking- Interview with Professor Paul Freemont

Synthetic Biology is at the heart of CRISPR.  Check out this interview for more information on different tools used.  

CRISPR: careless talk costs patents

Oppositions to a patent covering the CRISPR/Cas9 system illustrate the need for applicants to carefully consider making statements on commercially important technology even after a patent application has been filed. Catherine Coombes of law firm HGF reports.

CRISPR Summit USA Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Curious to see who will be joining you at the 1st annual CRISPR Summit USA? Check out our anticipated attendee list to see who will potentially be joining us!